Monday, September 24, 2012

On the weekend of September 15th, 2012 three  families (me and my wife Kate, along with my friends Chet,   VE3CFK and his wife Vera and my other friend Art, VE3GNF and his wife Aleida, visited the W9 DXCC conference in Chicago.

While there we hams sat through a number of very interesting forums related to amateur radio while the girls went shopping.

Of  particular interest was a talk by Chris Imlay, W3KD, ARRL General Counsel spoke on the explosion of  restrictive housing covenants that prohibit erection of outside antennas faced by many hams today.  Even though amateur radio is federallyy regulated, more and more new private housing areas are placing restrictions on such antenna arrays.  And it is painfully clear that the Homeowner lobby in Washington is putting inordinate pressure on the FCC NOT to enforce their own rules!

Clearly, this is yet another strong indicator that the FCC considers ham radio as little more than a "pimple on the rear end of progress".

And, as I've noted....we've done it to ourselves!

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