Monday, June 4, 2012

Over this last weekend, Kate and I were once again in Dayton.  This time, our reason for the trip was to fulfill a request by the DARA folks to make a presentation about AMSAT to their June membership meeting.

I used a (slightly modified) briefing about our new FOX project that our VP of Engineering (Tony Monteiro) gave to the Dayton AMSAT Forum a week or so earlier.  As most of the DARA people in the room were working the Hamvention, most had not seen it.  I also set up some poster boards about our ARISSat project as well as FOX and passed out membership forms and our old (May 2011) laminated frequency charts.

Needless to say, both my presentation (and me personally) were well received by the some 250 persons present.  I was particularly impressed by their efforts to involve youngsters in the hobby as several of the door prizes they routinely give away were aimed specifically at new (or budding) youthful hams.

I was particularly honored to be presented with a lifetime membership in DARA. Who would have known when I first joined the organization back in 1977 that I would be so blessed?

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